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Why are powder skiing and ski touring the best thing ever?

Thilo: „Walking and riding in powder is so much fun and gives me a feeling of being one with the nature. Looking back up after a run makes me proud and grateful. Sometimes I cannot put into words what I have just witnessed and what my line’s looking like…
Every run is unique. Every run is a new challenge. Every run is the best next thing to come.“

Max: „There is nothing better than spending your days during Winter with friends climbing mountains, ripping steep faces and charge through nipple deep powder.“

For a perfect powder day I need..?

Thilo: „For a perfect powder day I need perfectly fitted and prepared equipment. A good crew to share the great moments and for safety purposes, to look out for one another in dangerous situations. Never forget the Peak-chocolate!“

Best ski tour I ever did:

Max: „The best ski tour I ever did was a half day Tour at Sonnenkopf before heading to the Dolomiten. We decided to do a quick run before sitting in the car for 6 hours. Everything was perfect that day.“

What excites me about working with IAS?

Thilo: „I like to work in a small and young Team with space for creativity and new way of thinking.“

Max: „Working with a Company who put so much effort, time and money in something that you think is just right. This mentality fits perfect to me.“