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Mountain guide

Why are powder skiing and ski touring the best thing ever?

I associate skiing with freedom. It is a great way to feel flow, just be united with the nature and the place that you are. That is basically why I love to be out there in terrain either just enjoying myself or enabling great experiences for my clients as a guide, normally both at the same time.

My favorite ski resort and run:

Oops, I never made any list even in my head. It is so difficult to compare… Maybe the one I am going to tomorrow.

Best ski tour I ever did:

Other difficult question… OK, one of the best at least was the West Couloir of one of the summits of Las Llaves range in Chilean Patagonia. I think the peak does not even have name. I think our tour there was the first Ascent of that mountain and the line was just something very special for me.

For a perfect powder day I need..?

Good snow, good runs with good company – works perfect for me.

What excites me about working with IAS?

I think that IAS new fresh and great product on the market which has been developed by powder enthusiastic people for powder enthusiastic people to maximize the avalanche safety. Therefore im really excited to work with IAS in a same fresh way to enhance the safety for me and my clients.